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I didn’t want to full on delete my account here because I have some stuff saved that I want to keep. But unless I know you personally or just really like you, consider yourself unfollowed because I don’t give a shit.

Slices: April Fools’ Day Is Dumb And Sort Of Malicious: A Wonkistan Screed


The editors of Wonkistan are, by nature, trusting people. That does not mean that we are credulous — but we do get upset when our confidence is betrayed. By proxy, we get uncomfortable when we’re party to humiliation-based comedy, including even the most harmless pranks. (Are you…

If Google were actually actively seeking out and hurting people with their “pranks” I’d agree with you, but since they aren’t, and speaking as a fellow somewhat-introverted “nerd” who has been on the wrong side of a few pranks, (and I’m aware that I’m gonna sound like an ass here) this just sounds like unnecessary whining. It’s funny, it’s harmless, they aren’t grabbing your wrist and playing “stop hitting yourself,” so lighten up, laugh a little, and come back tomorrow when the internet is back to normal if it bothers you so much. First Impressions: Relient K - TBA


When Butch Walker released The Rise and Fall.., I hated it because it wasn’t Letters. I had connected on such a level with one of my favorite “break-up” albums that I didn’t know what to do with this new sound. It wasn’t what I was expecting and in my youthful stupidity I wrote it off as a bad…

REALLY not liking the comparison to fun. here. If Relient K take that route then I am 100% done.

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